Back in 2012, we were a team of IT professionals working in the commercial real estate market. We found out that the best way to advertise properties is to compile virtual tours and provide prospects with immersive 360 experience accessible from anywhere at any time.
Quickly we discovered out that creating and supplying a professional virtual tour is complicated; it required training and expertise in specialized software, as well as medium to high proficiency in web technology.
At this point, we decided to code our tool to save the time and efforts on creating virtual tours. After kicking the idea around a bit, we came up with the concept of Roundme.
Years passed, and it became our main business to provide a platform for photographers, content professionals, marketing managers, and journalists, where they upload, create, sell and buy high-quality VR content.
Meantime, we continue to put our efforts in making VR experience available for the greatest number of people.

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