Usually, the perfect tour on Roundme is not only a set of panoramic images but a whole story and path through the unique space the author creates.
The same user interface elements are used for all the tours browsed on Roundme. They let the viewer control the presentation of the tour and switch between.

Please find the brief description for every GUI element you can meet viewing a tour on below.

Title section
In the upper part of the screen you can see the title section. It contains the names of the tour and the panoramic image you browse at the moment.
If panorama's location is set, you can also find it here.

'Comment' and 'Like'
Use these buttons to let the author of the tour know that you like it and share your feedback.  

'More Functions'
This button opens the tour menu. You can use it to switch between the view modes, make some settings and get in touch with Roundme support team.

  • WebVR mode. Web VR mode is designed for browsing 360 VR content with your VR headset. No additional software is required, the most of contemporary Internet browsers support it;

  • Fullscreen. Click to switch to full screen mode. It can also be switched by the double click anywhere on the panorama you browse;

  • Share & Embed. Every tour you browse has got a unique link you can share (the link is obtained here). You can also share the tour on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The basic embed option is also available here;

  • Projections. Here you can find the list of projection options available for the tour. Test them all and choose the one you like the most;

  • QTVR Navigation. The alternative navigation mode you can use to browse the panorama. When QTVR navigation is on, you can hold the left mouse button and control the rotation of the panorama slightly moving the mouse.

  • Autorotation. Toggles the Autorotation option;

  • Autofollow. Toggles the Autofollow option. Autofollow is a feature designed to add some more dynamic to your tour. When it is switched on, your panorama slightly rotates accordingly the movements of your mouse cursor;

  • Slideshow. Toggles the Slideshow mode. When slideshow is activated, all the GUI elements are hidden and panoramas switch automatically. Once the last pano in the tour is shown the navigation menu is opened. In this menu you can choose one of the other author's tours to browse;

  • Help. A short instruction to navigation in the tour is available here;

  • Feedback. Please use this option to contact Roundme team to report any issues related to the tour or our product. We'll be happy to answer your questions, but we unable to forward any of your messages to the author directly.

'Tour map'
Click this button to browse the tour map. Using tour map you can switch between the panoramas in the tour if they have the marked location.

'Tour information'
Click this button to browse the summary of the tour information available. If Welcome Screen option is switched on for the tour, it is available by this button.

'Back' button.
Click this button to return to the tour author's profile.

If you'd like to enjoy the panoramic images and hide all the distractions, just click anywhere on the screen. All the GUI elements will be hidden until you click again.

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