Roundme tours can be viewed on any device with contemporary Internet browser installed. Regardless of the screen size, you can enjoy browsing high resolution images and get the general overview of the place they were taken at.
Still, if you are looking for more advanced VR experience, you may want to use the VR headset.

To browse Roundme tours using a VR headset

1) Open using your device's built-in Internet browser;
2) Open the tour you would like to browse.
3) Open 'More Functions' menu;
4) Switch to the webVR mode:

WebVR mode was exclusively designed to be compatible with a wide choice of headsets. You don't need to use your mouse or touch screen to navigate in this mode. Your view direction is updated accordingly to the data collected by the gyroscopic sensor of your device. Most of the options you need are available if just look at them for a second or two.

As there are numerous VR headset models available, don't forget to review the VR settings. The VR settings are available in webVR: 

  • Headset. Here you can find a list of presets which can be used with the most popular headsets. We constantly work to extend the list of supported devices. If your device is not on the list yet, please simply use one of 'Cardboard' modes. These modes use the universal settings which fit to the most devices;

  • Screensize. Here you can set the screen size of your device;

  • IPD (interpupillary distance). Here you can set the distance between the pupils of the eyes (measured in millimeters);

  • Sensor mode. Here you can choose between the different sensor modes. The best way to choose the one you need is to test them all and find the one you like the most.

While you browse the tour in VR, all the interactive elements (Hotspots, Portals, GUI elements) are activated if you simply look at them. When you place the element in the middle of your sigh, the aiming point is shown:


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