To upload your panoramic images you will need Roundme account. Log in to your Roundme account or sign up. You can learn how to create an account on Roundme here.

To create a new tour:

  1. Click ‘Create tour’ option at the top-right of your browser window;

  2. Drag&drop your panoramic images anywhere on the screen or use the ‘browse’ option to find them on your device (all the images you upload to Roundme are automatically checked for compatibility, panoramas that do not meet the technical requirements will fail to upload).

  3. Name your tour and write few words to describe it (it is not necessary to finish tour description on this stage, you can update it later in the tour settings);

  4. Set the Tour location (click the map and drag the blue pin to the location). Only the tours with the specified location are shown on the World maps in the system;

  5. Check if the information in the ‘Camera Info’ section requires some revision (it is automatically obtained from EXIF);

  6. Click SAVE.

Every panoramic image in your tour is associated with the preview image in the lower part of the screen. You can use them to switch between your panoramas. Drag&drop the shortcuts to set the order you like:

Now it is time to liven up your panoramas using the Directional sound feature and connect them with Portals. If you’d like to share some additional content, build it in to your tour using the Hotspots.

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