Tour information

Tour information is one of the options you can use to share some additional info related to the tour. To see the tour information your viewers can click this button in the lower-right part of the screen:

You can update the tour description and location in the tour settings.

Welcome screen

The default Tour information can be replaced by the Welcome screen.
Welcome screen is shown every time someone starts browsing your tour and it is also available by the Tour information button.

Welcome screen consists of title, graphical content and text.

Tour title
Using the checkbox on the right you can hide this element: 

Graphical content:

  • one of the snapshots (click the arrows to switch between the snapshots available);

  • image you upload (you can upload any of your JPG or PNG images);

  • video hosted on YouTube/Vimeo platform.

To customize the Welcome screen and switch it on:

1) Open your tour;
2) Switch to the Edit mode;
3) Click the button to edit tour information;
4) Update the information;
5) Switch the 'Show as welcome screen' on if you'd like to show the tour info every time your tour is browsed;

6) Click 'SAVE' to confirm the changes you made.

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