All the panoramas you add to the tour are listed in the lower part of the screen. There are previews representing every single panorama. You can use those previews as shortcuts to switch between your panoramas.

This navigation option is also available for the people who browse your tour (but you can switch it off in the Tour settings).

You can easily rearrange the panoramas inside your tour:

  • Open your tour in the edit mode;

  • Drag and drop the panorama previews to set the order you like.

You can also group your panoramas into folders:

  • Open your tour in the edit mode;

  • Drag a panorama preview over another to create a folder;

  • Name the new folder to reflect the structure, e.g. “Beach Views”.

Use the Drag&drop method to rearrange panoramas inside the folder. If you’d like to delete folder, simply remove the panoramas from it. When there’s only one panorama in the folder it is deleted automatically.

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