The Portals are used to connect the panoramas inside your tour.
Portal is an interactive element your users can use to switch from one panorama to another.

To create a portal:

  1. Open your tour in the edit mode;

  2. Open the panorama you’d like to add the portal to;

  3. Drag&drop a preview of the target panorama right into the active panorama;

  4. Precise the location of the portal marker;

  5. Resize and rotate the marker if required;

  6. Click ‘SAVE PORTAL’.

There is a ‘Custom view direction’ option you can use to choose the desired view direction for the tour your portal leads to (this setting overrides the default view direction set by the snapshot). Set the custom view direction while creating a new portal or customize it later:

Every portal can be easily modified:

  1. Open your tour in the edit mode;

  2. Click the portal you’d like to modify or delete;

  3. Update the portal settings;

  4. Click the SAVE PORTAL button;

To delete a portal, use the delete button in the portal settings menu:

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