The 'Directional sound' feature helps you to form the sound environment of your tour.
The sound sources are located anywhere around your panorama, so the viewer would understand where the sounds come from. You can also add the background sound or narrative track if you set the reach parameter to 360.

To add the directional sound to your panorama:

  1. Open your tour in the edit mode;

2) Drag and drop a ‘Directional sound’ element to your panorama. Place it to the point you’d like the sound to come from;
3) Drag and drop the MP3 file or click the spot to choose the file (the sounds are uploaded from the local storage of your device. Only MP3 files up to 5MB are supported):

4) Set the ‘Reach’ value. The system tinges blue the view sector, where your sound is played. Color gradient shows the loudness of the sound (if you set the reach parameter to 360, your sound will be heard anywhere around your panorama);
5) Set the ‘Repeat’ and ‘Delay’ parameters (‘Repeat’ parameter defines the number of times your sound is played. If the ‘loop’ option is chosen, the number of repeats is not limited. ‘Delay’ parameter sets the time period before the playback starts);
6) Click Save.

Please note, that number of sounds is limited by 3 per panorama.

Any of directional sounds you added to your tour can be easily updated or deleted:

1) Open your tour in the edit mode;
2) Click the directional sound spot;
3) Update the settings;
4) Click Save button (or click delete button to delete the spot). 

To test the sound environment you created, just switch the tour to the view mode.  
The other users would need to enable the sound playback. The sound playback is activated by the button in the upper-left of your screen.

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