Hotspot is an element you can use to add some detail to the tour you create.
Hotspot is a container for the additional information you'd like to add to your tour.

Hotspot can be located anywhere around your tour. By default Hotspots look like a round markers with 'i' icon on them, but you can customize them for the embeds you make (you can find some additional information about setting the custom icons for your hotspots here).

To create a Hotspot:

1) Open your tour;
2) Switch to the edit mode;
3) Open the panorama you would like to add the Hotspot to;
4) Drag&drop the Hotspot element to your panorama;
5) Set the initial size of the Hotspot resizing the frame or click the button to maximize the size of your Hotspot:

6) Type in the title, fill your Hotspot with the content;
7) Click ‘Create’ in the upper part of the screen.

In your Hotspots you can combine the textual information with images and videos hosted on YouTube/Vimeo. You can also turn any piece of content into a hyperlink.

You can learn how to add these types of content to your hotspots here.

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