It usually takes some time to create a perfect tour.  
For your convenience, every tour you create starts in a draft stage. It means that it is not published and it is not available for anyone outside your account. While the work on the tour is in progress, only the author can view it.
All of your drafts are listed in the 'Drafts' section of your profile.

Both the view and edit modes are available for your tour regardless of whether it is draft or published. 

There are no special instruments you have to use on Roundme to preview your tours.
In the View mode, your tour is displayed exactly the way the other Roundme users would see it after it is published.

Once your work on the tour is finished, please follow these steps to publish it:

1) Open the draft tour you would like to publish;
2) Switch to the edit mode;
3) Open the tour settings:

4) Click to switch the 'Published' mode on.
5) Click 'SAVE' to confirm the change.

Make sure that your tour you publish doesn't contain any content you would like to keep private. When you publish your tour it becomes available for the search and appears in the listings on Roundme platform. All the published tours are also available in your Roundme profile.
To keep your published tour private, you can use the 'Unlisted tours' feature of your Pro account or 'Privacy & White List' tour upgrade.  

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