There is a 'Custom branding' feature you can use to customize the branding for  all the Basic embeds of your tours

The 'Custom branding' settings you make don't affect the presentation of your tours on and all the embeds made with 'Pro embed' tour upgrade.
You can update the branding settings of your Roundme account by this link:

Enable 'Use custom logo' option and click the Rroundme logo to replace it (JPG, PNG and SVG files up to 5 MB are supported):

  • Update the 'Logo width' parameter to change the size of the logo shown in your embeds. In the right part of the screen you can see the preview of the logo.

  • Tick the 'Link custom logo to' to set a custom target link for your logo. It points to your Roundme profile by default;

  • Switch the 'Disable all links to Roundme' feature if you'd like to hide all the elements which are linked to and your Roundme profile (Share&Embed, Like options, author's name, etc.);

  • Don't forget to click 'Save Changes' to confirm the changes you made.

Custom branding feature provides only a limited number of branding features.
'Pro embed' has a wider number of branding options:

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