Roundme tours and panoramas are stored on our servers and use our web resources to run. Still, every tour you create can be easily embedded to your site or application.
The iFrame format is used for Roundme embeds. If you'd like to embed Roundme tour, please make sure that the container supports iFrame content.

There are 2 embed options available on Roundme:

  1. Basic embed option. 

  2. Pro embed option. 

The branding settings can be customized both for Basic and Pro embed types.
Still they are pretty different and we recommend you to check both of them and choose which option would work better in your context.

Basic embed option

Basic embed is available for every public tour in the system, anyone can obtain the embed code (it is available in the tour menu, 'Share & Embed' section).
The branding settings are available only for Pro account owners.
If Pro subscription expires, all the branding settings are reset.

Basic Embed option is a great choice if you'd like to embed a bigger number of tours with your logo (the lifetime long branding is not required).

'Pro Embed' Tour upgrade

Pro Embed is a tour upgrade that allows controlling embed branding and appearance for every single tour (tour upgrades are purchased once per tour per lifetime).
It is a great choice if you'd like to make an embed of your tour which would meet the requirements of your project ('Pro Embed' tour upgrade provides you with numerous features you can use to customize your embeds). 

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