Hundreds of new virtual tours are created and shared on Roundme every day.
Regardless of using the search and 'World map' capabilities, it could be difficult to find the tour you need among the published ones.  

If there are dozens of tours on your account, it's about the right time to organize them into galleries.

'Tour galleries' are the folders for your tours. You can gather the related tours into the Gallery to make sure your viewers don't miss any of your amazing panoramas.
The Tour Gallery could also contain the tours created at the same location/time/weather, etc. You can tell the whole story using this feature.

To create a new Gallery:

1) Log in to your Roundme account;
2) Open the 'Galleries' section;
3) Click on 'Create New Gallery' button:

4) Type the title for the new gallery;
5) Tick the 'Private Gallery' option if you'd like to keep your gallery private;
6) Click 'Create'.
Now it's time to customize your gallery and choose the tours it will contain.

To customize your gallery:

1) In the 'Galleries' section of your profile, click the gallery you'd like customize;
2) Click 'Settings' button to change the name and control the privacy (the private galleries you create are available by the direct link only and they are not listed in your public Roundme profile):

3) Use the 'Change cover' option to update the Gallery cover (this image is also used as a background image for your gallery).

To add tours to your gallery:

1) In the 'Galleries' section of your profile, click the gallery you'd like to add the tours to;
2) Click 'Add Tours' button;
3) Mark the tours with the tick to add those to the gallery:

4) Click 'Back to Gallery'.

Please note that privacy settings are ignored for the tours you add to the gallery. Any tour added to the gallery will be listed there, even if it is set to be unlisted or has a 'Privacy & White list' tour upgrade applied.

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