In addition to the Basic account type (which is free), there is a number of paid options on Roundme.
In your Roundme account settings you can find the instruments to manage your subscription, tour upgrades and billing.

In the Upgrades section you can:

  • find the information about your subscription (its type, expiry date, auto renewal settings);

  • view and update your Credit card information (if you have the Credit card data saved in our billing system, this card is used to purchase 'Pro account' renewals and tour upgrades);

  • find out how many tour upgrades are already paid and available to be applied to your tours at the moment;

  • purchase 'Pro account' and tour upgrades. All the tour upgrades are available to be purchased in advance;

Our billing system generates invoices for all the transactions performed on Roundme.
You can find all the invoices in the Invoices section.

If you'd like to receive personalized invoices, you can add your billing info in the Billing section
Please note, that billing settings customize only the invoices which are generated after the changes were applied. Please feel free to contact our team if you have any questions or issues related to the billing and invoices you get.

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