The basic map options are available for all of your tours, but there are some cases when you may want to customize the map to fit the requirements of your project.
With 'Custom map' tour upgrade you can upload 2D images as custom maps for your tour.

Using this tour upgrade you can:

  • choose the map you like (floor map, plan, satellite/drone photo, etc.);

  • edit and crop the map to fit your requirements;

  • make some notes on your map;

  • add your logo or any other branding customizations.

Usually, default map options are replaced by the image you upload, but you can also combine these options.

As all the other tour upgrades on Roundme, 'Custom map' tour upgrade is paid per tour, has no expiry date and works independently from your 'Pro account' subscription.

Please find the step-by-step guide to 'Custom map' features here.

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