Pro account

There are few ways to upgrade your subscription type on Roundme. You are advised to become 'Pro' if you reach the weekly limit or perform any other action which requires 'Pro account' to work.

You can manage your subscription and paid tour upgrades in the 'Upgrades' section of your Roundme settings.

To upgrade your account:

1) Follow the link to open the Roundme pricing page:;
2) Choose the desired subscription period:
Pro account can be paid Monthly or Annually (you save 30% using annual subscription);
3) Click 'UPGRADE' button. On this stage you can update the Credit card details;
4) Tick the 'Remember this card' if you'd like to use this card on Roundme later (your credit card number is stored securely in the system and only CVC/CVV code is required to proceed with the further payments);
5) Click 'Have a coupon? Click here to enter it' option to use a discount coupon. If the coupon you enter is valid, you will see the updated amount on the button below.
6) Click the button to proceed with the purchase.

Auto renewal option

Auto renewal option helps you to keep your 'Pro account' subscription active. Switch it on and your subscription will be renewed automatically when expired.
This option is available in the 'Upgrades' section of your Roundme settings:

Please note, that this feature is switched on by default. If you don't plan to renew your 'Pro account' subscription, simply switch the auto renewal option off.

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