Pro Account is a subscription based bundle that offers advanced functionality to create higher quality content with broad usage possibilities.
All the features of 'Basic account' are included and there are also some unique features:

Unlimited Uploads
Share an unlimited amount of your work with the Roundme community (upload an unnlimited number of panoramic images, only 15 uploads per week are available with the 'Basic Account').

High Quality
Upload  high resolution JPEGs and TIFFs (up to 64,000px for usual panoramas and
up to 16,000px for stereo panoramas).

All your panoramas will be shown with multiresolution support. 'Multiresolution' optimizes the way the content of your tour is delivered to the viewers.
Depending on zoom level and angle of view, only the part of the VR panoramic image that best matching resolution is loaded. This means that less memory is needed and the quality of VR panoramic image is not reduced when zooming in.
This feature is enabled for all the images uploaded with 'Pro account'.

Custom Branding
You can replace the default Roundme logo and hide all the links to in all of your embeds (if Pro Account subscription expires, your logo is replaced with the default Roundme logo again).
Here you can learn more about the feature. 

Secure Storage
You can retrieve your original uploaded files any time. We use award winning Amazon S3 services to safely store your images. Please find some more details here.

Unlisted Tours
Using this feature you can hide your tours from Roundme in one click.
Unlisted Tours are available only for sharing and embedding. They are not shown in any Roundme listings, including your profile (your unlisted tours will remain hidden even if your Pro Account subscription expires).

Private Galleries
Private Galleries are hidden from Roundme but available for sharing.

Offline Tours
Access your tours without Internet with the official Roundme mobile app.
At the moment this feature is available in the Android app only, but we also plan to implement it to our iOS application in 2019.

PRO Badge
Distinguish yourself from the competition with a "Pro" badge next to your avatar.


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