All the public tours are available anytime and Roundme account is not required to browse them. Still, tour creation and all the social features of our platform are available only for the registered users.
When you create your account on Roundme, you start with 'Basic account' subscription type.

Free subscription
Basic account is 100% free option, no credit card is required and it has got no expiry date.

Personal profile
Setting up a Roundme account, you get a personal profile in the system. This profile contains some basic information about you and all the tours you create are listed there.

Comment & Like tours
With Roundme account you can comment the tours created by the other users and 'Like' them (all the liked tours are also listed in your account, in the galleries section).

Create tours
With Basic account you have an unlimited cloud storage to upload your panoramic images. You can create an unlimited number of Roundme tours, but your uploads are limited by 15 panoramas a week. You can find some additional details about this limit here.
The maximal resolution of the images uploaded with Basic account is 10,000x5,000 pixels. Please find the detailed requirements for the uploaded images here.

If you'd like to use Roundme on a regular basis and without any limits, you may want to use our 'Pro account' subscription type.


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