Every Roundme user can easily obtain the iFrame code to embed the public tour.
The embedded tour will use the tour author's branding settings. 

To obtain the Embed code:

1) Open the tour;
2) If you are the author of the tour, switch it to the View mode;
3) Click the 'More functions' button and choose 'Share & Embed' option:

4) Choose the default resolution for your embed (choose the resolution you need in the drop down menu).
You can also set width and height parameters manually in the embed code you get. By default the size of your embedded content is set in px, but you can also set it using per cent values:

5) Copy the embed code and paste it to the iFrame container on your site.

The tour always starts from the first panorama if you browse it on roundme.com.
Still you can set the starting panorama for your embed. In case of Basic embed type, your embedded tour starts from the panorama you were browsing at the moment you obtained the embed the code.

The default branding settings are applied to all the Basic embeds (Roundme logo, linked to roundme.com, Roundme links are enabled).
The branding settings can be customized in the settings of Roundme account (Pro account subscription is required). You can update the branding settings of your Roundme account by this link: https://roundme.com/settings/branding

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