Roundme is honored to curate all the gorgeous VR images uploaded on a daily basis.
Our talented community of photographers is what makes Roundme an awesome place to experience panoramic VR photography. Below are some guidelines about how we moderate, curate and purvey content to be featured in Best New and Editor’s Pick categories.

How can my work be featured in Best New set?

Almost any high-quality tour can be featured in our Best New category as long as it is a compelling tour that is expertly shot, stitched and post-processed. Requirements are simple: 360x180 spherical images free of stitching errors that have a nadir cap. A nadir cap can be the actual hand-held shot of the nadir that is seamlessly patched in, your logo or even a mirror ball. Take the time to complete your pano with a nadir cap as we automatically exclude black holes or weird, content-aware stretched fills from consideration.

How to be featured in Editor’s Picks set?

Editor’s Picks represent the best works of photographers in the Roundme community. To be considered for this category, be sure your tour meets the basic minimum requirements of Best New category (described above). The additional criterion is that the tour should contain minimum two panoramic images that are linked with portals.

How can my work get featured on Roundme’s landing page?

Every time the Roundme curation team selects an Editor’s Pick set, it automatically goes under consideration to be featured on Roundme’s landing page. From this pool of Editor’s Picks we handpick the best of the best. The “Be Inspired” column on our the landing page also randomly features a selection of spaces also draws from the Editor’s Picks pool. So in a nutshell, to be featured on landing page, the tour must be included as part of Roundme’s Editor’s Picks.

Who moderates the tours?

Roundme’s curation team is comprised of real human beings and not an algorithm or program. On a daily basis a group of Roundme employees review the current uploads and put together a shortlist for Best New category. From there, a second round is vetted by a panel of senior Roundme employees that review the shortlist and select the Editor’s Picks based on this category’s criteria requirements as described above.

How do I add my tour to World Map?

Your tour will appear on World Map if it is featured in our Best New category and has the marked location.

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