We do not have any particular recommendations about cameras, equipment or software for you to use.
Our users prefer different ones and the choice mostly depends on personal preferences, experience, needs.


The range of cameras available today is quite wide, still there are two basic options:

  • DSLR cameras equipped with special lenses, tripod with panoramic head, etc. The images you make require stitching before you upload them to Roundme;

  • Special digital 360 cameras. This type of devices usually produces 360 panoramic images and no stitching required. Still, the resolution of the images you make with this type of camera is usually lower than if you stitch a series of pictures. 

Software for stitching and editing your panoramas
At the moment we don't have any options to stitch or edit panoramas on Roundme.
Still, there is a number of products available today and the most of them can be used to create high-quality 360 content.
Choose the one you like and use it to prepare your images to be uploaded.

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