All the tours you create on Roundme are listed in your personal profile and available for the search. Sometimes you may want to limit the audience of the tour before its public release or to keep it private due to some sensitive content it contains.

There are two basic options you can use to keep your tour hidden from the other Roundme users:

  • 'Unlisted tours' feature (available with 'Pro account' subscription type, affects all of your tours);

  • 'Privacy and White list' tour upgrade (the custom privacy features applied to the tours you choose).

Unlisted tours

Unlisted Tours feature is available for Pro Account owners only.
With this feature, you can hide your tours from all the Roundme listings, including your profile. You unlisted tours are also hidden from search engines as well. 

You can share your unlisted tour and it also can be embedded

To make your tour Unlisted:

1) Open your tour;
2) Switch to the edit mode;
3) Open the tour settings;
4) Tick the 'Unlisted' option;

5) Click 'Save'.

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