Before you upload your stereoscopic panorama to Roundme, please make sure it fits the technical requirements for the images which can be uploaded.

A stereoscopic panorama is a pair of panoramic images containing the information for left and right eyes in Stacked or Side-by-Side format.

The system can automatically identify this type of images, so the steps to upload a stereoscopic image are the same to the ones for regular panoramas.

Once the stereoscopic image is uploaded to Roundme successfully, it appears in your virtual tour next to earlier created VR works with a '3D' icon on it:

To experience the stereoscopic effect, switch to the 'WebVR' mode. You can find some more info about viewing your panoramas in VR mode here.

What can I do if the right eye replaced the left one?

In case two eyes changed their places, first try to check the file you uploaded. If the problem is spotted, update the file. You may need to use the additional editing tool for fixing this issue.
Once the image is fixed, use the 'Replace Panorama' option or simply upload a new picture deleting the previous one.

The system automatically validates the stereoscopic image you upload. If there are some critical problems spotted, your image can not be uploaded or it is not identified as a stereoscopic one.

If you have any issues or problems uploading your stereoscopic images, please feel free to contact our support team, we'll be happy to help!

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