Due to the generic restrictions on Android and iOS systems, the gyroscope functionality could be disabled in your embeds.
We are looking for the permanent solution for this issue and it will be implemented to one of our future releases.

Still, there is a solution you can use.
That issue can be fixed by the special script on your site.

You can set up the script using NPM:

1. Install the package:
npm install mobile-gyro-patch

2. Initialize the patch in your app:
var roundmeMobileGyroPatch = require('mobile-gyro-patch');

If you load the iframe dynamically via ajax, then you should initialize the patch after the content is ready:

The patch could be also set up manually:
Copy and paste the code into all pages of your website that contain embedded Roundme tours:
<script src="https://static.roundme.com/patch/mobile-gyro-patch.js"></script>

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