Once Roundme tour is created and published, the author would like to know if it is interesting and useful for Roundme community.
For every tour we use Google analytics to collect the view statistics.

Tour statistics

When you browse the list of the tours, you can find the icons showing the key tour statistics: 

  1. The number of panoramic images in the tour.

  2. The number of people clicked 'Like' in the tour.

  3. The total number of views. (please note, that the number of views is updated every day but with a delay of two days). 

  4. The number of days since the tour was published.

Account statistics

For every account on Roundme you can find a total number of views and 'Likes' given by the viewers. These numbers are based on the corresponding info related to the tours created with this account:

In the future we plan to implement some more detailed statistics. As this feature is still in progress, please feel free to address your ideas and requests directly to our team via support@round.me.

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