The Roundme tours you create usually contain more than one panoramic image and you may want to choose the panorama your viewers start the journey through it. 

Starting panorama for the tours browsed on Roundme

As all the tours browsed on  use the default branding settings, navigation through these tours always starts from the first panorama (it is located on the left in the list of panorama shortcuts in the lower part of the screen). 

To update the starting panorama for the tour you need to rearrange the panoramas in the tour:

  1. Open your tour in the edit mode. All the panoramas of the tour are now listed in the lower part of the screen;

  2. Use the drag&drop method to rearrange your panoramas. Place the one to start your tour with to the far left position.

Starting panorama for the embeds you make

Basic embed option:

If you embed the tour using Basic embed option ('Share&Embed' in the 'More functions' menu), your embedded tour starts from the panorama you were browsing at the moment of getting the embed link.

'Pro embed' option:

For the tours with Pro embed tour upgrade, you can choose the starting panorama in the settings of Pro Embed. Set the desired Starting Panorama and click the 'Get embed code' button and new embed code will be generated for you.
The step-by-step guide to this feature is available here.

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